Courier services are in constant demand in Singapore

Door-to-door courier services are in constant high demand in Singapore. Unlike the conventional mail post by SingPost, courier services provide you greater security and faster delivery. The couriers will travel to your designated collection location to pick up the items which they will deliver to the designated delivery location thereafter. Moreover, you can engage courier services for parcel deliveries, and not just document deliveries too. Courier service is considered a premium delivery service standard.

Why are courier services in constant demand? In another words, why is there a market for it?

Firstly, part of these demand for courier services is generated from the E-Commerce businesses. The business model of E-Commerce businesses require them to deliver their items to the consumers’ homes directly after the consumers make a purchase. Each E-Commerce businesses need a Singapore courier company to help them handle the logistics operations – to deliver all the goods to the customers timely and safely. As E-Commerce businesses grow, there will be higher demand for courier and delivery services. Hence, the courier companies will grow too.

Secondly, even the retail outlets hire couriers to deliver products to customers’ homes. Take for instance, Courts and IKEA. If you make a purchase there, you can opt for the delivery option where the product will be shipped to your home on your chosen date. This is normally for purchases of bulk items such as washing machines and tables.

Thirdly, there are instances where people need their deliveries carried out urgently. For example, the banking industry requires a lot of same-day deliveries to their clients. Sometimes, these deliveries may be two-way. This usually happens if the bank has a document that needs the client’s signature. After the client signed on the document, the document will be delivered back to the bank by the courier. As the cost of engaging the courier services is lower than the cost of the bankers delivering the items themselves, this outsource of logistics operations is justifiable.

In the foreseeable near future, I maintain this view that Singapore courier company will continue to grow at a modest pace due to the sustainability of this courier industry.