What You Should Know About Singapore Courier Services.

These are among the most important things that you must note when it comes to getting courier services in Singapore.

First up, one of the most crucial things you need to realize is that even though courier services are usually associated with important document deliveries between companies only as a business to business service, E-commerce product distribution companies also usually engage courier services and the help of such companies. This means that courier services are not only concierge level services for companies, but is also used for the distribution of products.

Second of all, not every courier company in Singapore has vans. Do not assume that and simply judge the courier services prices as that of delivery for bulky (or rather, non-paper) documents. This is because that will certainly not be true. Companies do charge different prices for the delivery of parcels or the delivery of documents. This is because vans can transport parcels easily but a motorcycle can only transport documents (e.g. in paper format). If you need parcel deliveries, then engage only courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters because other than motorcycles, they have van delivery services as well. This would definitely be very beneficial if

Third of all, some companies charge different prices for delivery via van versus bikes. The reason for this is unknown, because they might be transporting the exact same item. However, I just think it would be important for you to know that some companies do charge this way, and you should at least be aware of it.

Fourth of all, prices are pretty competitive in Singapore. If you want to engage the services of a Singapore courier company, I would recommend you to look at the fine print and details if you’re planning to use them over the long term. This is because there are many different pricing levels for different delivery volume… this can result in significantly different overall costs for you if you were to engage their services. Some courier services are cheap if you were to use only ad hoc services and they charge very highly for more deliveries. However, there are some companies which charge relatively average prices (not the lowest but extremely decent prices) but provide very attractive prices at higher volume. Make sure to check out their fine print before engaging the courier services of any company.