Hiring Vs Engaging A Courier Company

There are lots of differences when it comes to hiring a courier in house versus engaging courier services from an external Singapore courier company and the following are some of the main differences you should know.

A) When you engage a courier company like http://www.pcamasters.com/, you are essentially outsourcing the deliveries of your company. This means that you would not need to care about the deliveryman’s leave schedule, CPF payments as well as any other employee related issues. All you get from the courier company is the delivery services, and they will handle the rest. Isn’t that simply great news for you? You get convenience while getting your item(s) delivered.

B) When you get your own deliveryman, you may perceive that you may have more control over his or her daily schedule and like that. However, this can come at a very high cost. When each delivery is only $10 to $20 (let us take the higher end of $20) in Singapore, you would need at least 100 to 200 deliveries a month to make it worth it to hire your own deliveryman. ($2000 for salary, $740 for CPF and $1200 for vehicle leasing) Engaging courier services in Singapore is definitely a lot cheaper.

C) There is no need to monitor your deliveryman if you were to simply engage an external courier company to help you do your deliveries. There are times where a deliveryman may skive during work hours and you would also need to constantly monitor their delivery standards. However, by engaging external courier services instead, you leave all these hard work to the company to deal with it instead.

In short, as you might already have noticed, I recommend that you pick courier services over engaging your own deliveryman. Courier services in Singapore are very cheap relative to hiring your own deliveryman. Additionally, you get rid of all the hassles that you might usually experience had you decided to hire a deliveryman in house instead.