Customer service versus pricing for logistics services

Standing from a customer point of view, will you be more concerned about customer service or pricing for logistics services in Singapore?

This is the issue we want to tackle in this post – whether the vast majority of Singaporeans are more concerned about customer service or pricing when choosing between logistics companies for their logistics services.

From my personal experience handling the sales for a logistics company in Singapore in the past, customers usually base their decisions on the prices of the logistics services. It is common for customers to ask around multiple logistics companies for quotations so that they would be able to compare the different quotations. More often than not, they would choose the logistics company that offer the lowest price to them. Some customers may even tell the logistics companies upfront that price is the most important factor they are looking at when making their purchase decision. There is a higher occurrence for this when logistics companies are dealing with corporate customers. Corporate customers usually have routine deliveries so they are looking at outsourcing logistics services to a logistics company for the long term. Hence, cost savings can be significant from a slight difference in prices when accumulated over the long term. As retail customers usually demand for ad hoc and mostly one time delivery service, they are less price sensitive. In fact, most of them are more concerned with customer and delivery services. They want their deliveries to be carried out urgently and on time.

Personally, I would look at customer service before pricing when I am choosing a logistics company in Singapore to outsource my logistics operations to, regardless of whether I am doing it for myself or on behalf of an organization. I would rather pay more for a better service. For instance, a better service will mean smooth delivery and quicker delivery statuses’ updates.

Most of the people, including myself in the past, think that there will be a trade off between customer service standards and pricing for the logistics services offered by various logistics companies in Singapore. PCA Masters Pte Ltd will prove you wrong. If you check out their rates, you will find that their logistics services are priced at very competitive rates in the market. Additionally, you can engage their logistics service to see for yourself their service standard – it’s absolutely excellent. Deliveries are promptly carried out with quick status updates. No sweat at all.