Large Scale Logistics And Delivery Services

Enjoy the following explanatory and corporate video of DHL’s international supply chain and delivery services.

Perhaps you have seen the above or similar videos before. You would definitely realized that goods distribution (delivery) services is not actually as easy as it sounds. It can be a real logistical nightmare when there are so many moving parts and people all around the country (e.g. Singapore) or the world. Everything needs to be coordinated and properly planned out or all the delivery services may not be carried out efficiently and on time.

For our purpose, I shall explain the local courier services in Singapore when it comes to distribution of goods for E-commerce businesses.

1) Usually, a courier would be picking up all the goods to be delivered over the next 2 days from an E-commerce company’s address (e.g. office address or warehouse). These goods might then be stocked up in the courier company’s own offices or perhaps vehicles.

2) The next day or later the same day, the responsible deliverymen in that courier company would then plan out the deliveries of these goods and their routes.

3) After the planning of the routes around Singapore to most efficiently distribute and deliver the E-commerce goods, these deliverymen would then set out and start their day’s work. It is important that they plan well and fast and execute everything promptly. It is very easy to be late for deliveries – especially when you have a lot of them. Therefore, it is important for deliverymen to be responsible and punctual. Any deliveryman who is not a punctual person will sooner or later lose his or her job as a courier.

4) After the distribution of the E-commerce goods and completion of the delivery services, these courier or deliverymen would then need to report back to their companies about the statuses of these deliveries. Some of these deliveries might not have been completed successfully and would thus need to be re-delivered.