Potential breakthroughs in logistics operations

Catalyzed by the rapid technological advancements, there may have potential breakthroughs in logistics operations in the near future of about 3 to 10 years. Logistics companies in Singapore are using technology in all parts of the business to make the business better and more profitable. For example, customer relationship management software is used to manage the huge volume of sales leads for the delivery services. By using the customer relationship management software, many sales support staffs can be cut, resulting in cost saving for the company over a longer period despite the huge initial investment in the software. Moreover, responses to prospects are much quicker with timely prompts by the software requesting for actions by the sales support staffs. On the logistics business operations side, software are used to optimize delivery routes and sort huge volume of parcels, resulting in massive reduction of time in the operations. This allow the logistics companies to take in more delivery volume as compared to the past where they did not adopt the new software.

Currently, there have been talks in the logistics industry to adopt drones in the delivery operations. Small and medium sized drones may be used to transport small and medium sized parcels to the end customers. These drones will potentially replace the deliverymen and couriers. However, the feasibility of using drones to carry out delivery operations is still under close examination and analysis. There are many issues that need to be tackled before drones could be used in delivery operations. For example, the technical capability of the drones to recognize the end customers so that they will be able to deliver the parcels to the right customers. In addition, the built-in navigation of the drones need to be calibrated well too. There is no room for mistakes here as slight error in navigation will cause a massive disruption in the delivery process if drones are adopted worldwide.

Furthermore, a new motorbike class may potentially be developed – with the same amount of width as the current motorbikes but much longer and taller. This allows the motorbikes to carry more items. If this happens, the motorcyclists will be able to deliver large volumes of parcels in Singapore, which traditionally cannot be done. Parcel delivery is usually tasked to the vans, cars, and lorries as motorbikes do not have adequate space to carry them. If motorbikes are able to carry huge volume of parcels, parcel delivery will be much faster as bikes can sift through the cars on the roads easily. This will be especially useful if the traffic conditions are heavy.